Listify – Perfect Directory Theme

Listify WordPress Theme is a niche specific theme with a unique design. Most of the people try hard to find the perfect directory theme for their website. If you are opening a new directory project and you require an excellent WordPress theme to work with, then Listify stands out in this niche.

What can you expect from Listify theme?

Well, as it is a premium theme, you will expect a lot from it. More importantly, you should expect a lot from every digital product that you are paying for. Listify has everything you require to create a directory website today. People are using this theme for other purposes as well. However, it definitely serves the listing and directory website in every possible way.

We are going to give you an honest review of the Listify WordPress theme and how it can help small business owners to get started with their online business. Let’s have a look at how you can create a stunning directory website using this template.

Multiple demos to work with

Listify WordPress Directory theme has solutions out of the box for all the users. If you are WordPress newbie, then you will have multiple demos to work with. You can easily import the demo content and get started with your website. Currently, the developers of the theme are offering two different demos including Classic, and Rentals. If you don’t want to build pages from scratch, then you can use these demos to get started with. You will receive multiple dummy listings that you can edit later and publish on your website.

Paid Listing Support

As it is a directory WordPress theme, you will get paid listing support from this theme. Whenever you are creating a directory, you require multiple tools to work with. Upon installation of the theme, you will receive a notification that you can use to install all the required plugins. Once you have installed those plugins, your theme will be fully functional.

Listing WordPress theme uses the WP Job Manager plugin that will make it a lot easier for you to get started with your directory website. It offers tons of features and you can easily created paid listing plans and multiple other necessary sections for your website.

The theme will allow you to create any type of listings and you can categorize your lists. Features provided by WP Job Manager and WooCommerce will help you create and monetize featured listings, sell products through listings, create listing packages and multiple other things.

WooCommerce Integrated

Just like the WP Job Manager, Listify WordPress theme offers complete WooCommerce integration. You can create thousands of products and have an excellent shop page where you can sell those products. Moreover, you will have lots of styling options to style your product pages.
You can have tons of payment gateways options and the theme works absolutely fine with all the WooCommerce extensions. If you want to extend your online store, you can easily do so using WooCommerce. You can have WooCommerce booking add-on that will help you set up bookable products on your website.

Multiple Page Templates

One of the great things about Listify WordPress theme is that it offers multiple page templates. You can choose your home page, and different other templates to get started with.

multiple page templates

Once you have started to edit the page, you can check out the page template options. You will find different layout list, and you will find multiple pre-built pages including pricing plan template, and widgetized page. To improve the appearance of your website, you don’t have to go through any hassle. Listify offers an excellent way to create stunning pages. You can easily drag and drop elements on the page and start building a new one.

Excellent Customizing Options

Listify WordPress theme offers powerful customization options in the live WordPress customizer. You will have a complete ‘Style Kit’ that will help you create different styling for your website. You can have 5-6 different options that you can select and you can completely change the color scheme of your website.

customizing options

Apart from this, you can edit color schemes all over your website sections including content box, header, footer, and listings.

edit color schemes

You can easily manage content, listings, WooCommerce style settings, and complete typography from this customizer. You can also use menu settings and create a mega menu using theme options.

create a mega menu

Premium Support and Documentation

As you are investing your money in the product, you should receive premium support and you will receive a premium support from the theme author. Once you have purchased your copy of the theme, you will receive complete documentation that will walk you through everything. Even then, if you require support, you can always reach out to the theme developers and they will respond to you and resolve your issues within 24-hours.

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