Houzez – Theme for Real Estate Business

Houzez is one of the best premium WordPress themes available on the market for real estate businesses. If you have a real estate business, then this particular WordPress theme can help you create a stunning online presence. It offers tons of great features that you can use to create a beautiful website. The theme has an excellent and unique design that will help you in the perfect way to create a beautiful website. If you have been running a real estate business and you want to expand it, then this theme can offer you excellent features to do so.

What makes Houzez a good theme?

One of the great things about this particular WordPress theme is that it is very flexible and comes with multiple pre-built templates that will help you create a beautiful website for your business. Moreover, it supports multiple languages and it is fully translated in 20 different languages including Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.

Over 11,000 copies of the theme have been sold out and it has an over 4.8 rating which makes it trustworthy. Here, we will be throwing light on the main features of the theme and how it can provide out of the box solutions to the users.

Possibility to setup your site with pre-built demos

First of all, there are multiple pre-built demos that you can work with. If you don’t want to build pages yourself, you can simply import the demo of your own choice. There are 16 different pre-built demos available that you can choose and get started with. For all the users who are looking to get started with their real estate business, it can be the right way to proceed.

Key features inside the theme

Houzez WordPress theme offers multiple key features that make it stand out. You can use different features including price pin makers on maps, GDPR Data, Taxonomy and search result page template, Agent view listings, search custom field builder, property custom field builder, multi-language translation and much more. By using these key features, you can create a fully functional real estate business website for yourself.

Multiple premium plugin integrations

When it comes to the premium plugin integration, then you will find it extremely helpful. It has everything that you are looking for and there are multiple premium plugins that you can use with this theme. The premium plugin includes WP Bakery Page Builder plugin and Slider Revolution.

You can create stunning sliders for your homepage using Slider Revolution. You can manage complete settings of the sliders without going through any hassle.

Drag and drop Page Builder

Houzez WordPress theme uses WP Bakery drag and drop page builder to create beautiful pages. There are tons of custom content elements included in the theme that will help you build amazing pages.

drag and drop page builder

There are various content elements provided by the Houzez WordPress theme and you can simply use these content elements along with the WP Bakery elements to create stunning pages for your website. Moreover, there are countless other things that you can use to create the beautiful appearance of your website.

Feature-rich theme options panel

When it comes to the theme options panel, then you will be able to find a lot of great options. The theme options panel from houzez WordPress theme is exceptional and feature-rich.

feature rich theme options panel

You will have access to multiple styling options and you can control different content section using these powerful theme options.

theme styling options

There are countless other advanced theme settings that you can check out to improve the appearance of your website. You can manage the property detail page, price and currency, invoice options, payment and membership options, email management and much more. This option panel will give you every detail you require to make edits to the website and manage the functionality of different elements.

advanced theme settings

The complete property management system

One of the great things about this specific WordPress theme is that it will offer you a complete property management system. You will find a section on the WordPress dashboard named ‘My Properties’. You can start listing your properties there and you can easily manage the properties that you have added. It gives users the best way to find the right property in the city or a selected area. Along with that, you can easily manage the property listings and memberships.

Property settings

You can have detailed property settings tab that will help you manage properties. The complete settings include property information, property maps, videos, gallery, 360⁰ virtual tour and much more. You can easily manage complete settings of your property without facing any hassle.

Multiple page layouts

Houzez WordPress theme also offers you multiple page layouts so you don’t have to start from the scratch. You can always select a suitable page layout for the type of property you are going to list. You will be able to find multiple options including single property, luxury property, multiple units and much more.

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