Divi – Most Popular WordPress Theme

Divi is known as one of the most popular WordPress themes out there. This is backed up by a study by a finnish hosting company Zoner stating that overall of 5,35% of their WordPress users were using Divi. Godaddy also has similar data, showing that Divi is ranking on top of their WordPress HOT 100 -listing.

Divi is different from lots of other premium WordPress themes. The theme is based on a module system and it is best-suited for almost every kind of website a user wants to create. Whether you are looking for an online store or want to create a business website, you can count on this specific WordPress theme.

As a WordPress user, you must be aware of the popularity of a few premium themes and Divi is one of them. Divi theme panel gives you ultimate options to create a new and stunning website on WordPress. Let’s break into it and find out if it is the right theme to use for creating a WordPress site.

User-friendly Multipurpose Theme for WordPress

The theme is clutter-free and without a doubt, it is easy to use for an end user. With recent updates, Divi has worked on user-friendliness and improved overall UI. After installing the theme, you won’t see many changes on your WordPress dashboard except an addition of one tab, ‘Divi’. You can find everything there and you can control this premium theme from this one tab. It makes it very user-friendly and you can easily create a beautiful website using this theme.

Divi Theme Options

If you navigate to the Theme Options tab under Divi tab, then you will be able to see a lot of options that will help you set up the website. You can select a specific color for your website, change navigation settings, change builder settings, layouts, Ads settings, SEO, and Integration.

Divi Theme Options

You can edit every single detail of your website using this powerful Theme Options Panel. You can enable and disable page builder or posts, projects, and pages. It will allow you to go through all the settings that will help you set up your website according to your requirements.

Theme Customizer

Divi theme gives you two different customizing options including Theme Customizer and Module Customizer. Theme Customizer is very simple and you can edit menus and widgets of your website. Divi gives you multiple footer areas to work with so you can have a lot of options when setting up footer of your website. You can also edit menu items using this specific customizer page.

Theme Customizer

Module Customizer

On the other hand, Module Customizer gives you plenty of options. This is where you can edit all the modules on a page. If you are about to create a homepage for your website, you can manage all the module settings from this customizer section. Whether you want to edit portfolio settings or editing a blog section, you can easily manage it through Module Customizer.

It will allow you to make changes to the modules that you have added in a specific page. If you are working with a blog post, then it will help you make edits like post title font size, Meta font size, and font styles as well.

Module Customizer

Divi Builder

Now, you can move to the Divi Builder that will help you create stunning pages for your website. Divi Builder is without a doubt the best page builder that you can find out there. We have worked with multiple page builders and they are good in multiple ways. However, Divi Builder is something that will allow you to manage every corner of your website’s page.

If you have created a specific layout using Divi Builder, it allows you to save that layout so if you want to use that specific layout for other pages, you can use it from the saved layout section.

Divi Builder

You can find tons of modules when you are editing your website’s pages. If you are creating a services page, then you can use multiple modules related to services that you can showcase on a page.

Divi Modules

You can easily add containers and confine your content in multiple rows and columns. Another important thing that you should know about using Divi Builder is that it will allow you to do so using visual builder. Which means you can view the live changes just like the modern page builders.

visual builder

This will also allow you to choose a premade layout which can be a perfect thing for all the users who like to build pages from demo content. Divi Page builder stands out because of many reasons and you should consider using this specific theme if you are looking for creative options to build pages from scratch.


Divi theme is considered one of the best WordPress themes out there and it surely provides a great control to all the end-users. If you are a WordPress user and you have been creating sites using WordPress, then this theme can provide you a solution to your multiple problems.

Be sure to check up their official website: https://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/

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