Astra – Free Theme With Unique And Beautiful Design

Astra WordPress theme is a free WordPress theme and has a unique and beautiful design. It can be a perfect website for your business. It is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that will allow you to create a stunning website within minutes.

We will be reviewing this specific WordPress theme for our users and will share all the important details that you must know before using this WordPress theme. Let’s have a look at some of the features that stand out.

What makes it great to work with Astra theme

There are multiple great features of Astra that you can check out from our review. It is also available in the WordPress repository and you don’t require any investment if you want to use this specific WordPress theme.

Pre-built websites

Astra WordPress theme comes with multiple pre-built websites which makes it very easier to create a stunning website. It is a perfect way to create a stunning website for an end-user. With the help of pre-built websites, you can make things a lot easier and better for yourself. Astra has multiple pre-built websites and you can select the right one according to your requirements when creating a website. Whether you need an online store or a services website, you can easily pick the perfect pre-built website to work with and you will be able to make things a lot easier and better for yourself.

Easy to customize

Another great thing about this theme is that it is very easy to customize. You don’t require any coding knowledge to work with it. You can easily customize it using WordPress customizer settings. The theme is perfect for the end-users and developers and it has a huge room to make changes. If you are looking for the perfect way to customize your website, then it will become easy for you to do so using customizing options offered by the theme developers.

Fast and responsive

The theme is highly responsive and works perfectly well on all the modern devices. Moreover, the theme is SEO ready and very fast. You won’t find any problems with the theme performance. The theme also works best on multiple devices including iPad, iPhone, and Android. One of the great things about this theme is that it is clutter-free which makes it very lightweight and speedy. For the users who are looking to run a blog on a free theme, this can be the right option for them.

Compatible with most of the page builders

The theme is compatible with all the popular plugins. If you want to use few premium WordPress plugins, then you can easily use them with this WordPress theme. More importantly, the theme works great with all the modern page builders. If you want to use a page builder on this theme, then you won’t face any problems while using it. You can easily customize your website using the best page builders available out there. You can make changes to the layouts as well and it will work perfectly fine on all the modern devices. Most of the users are using multiple page builders with this theme and it works great with most popular page builders.

Theme options

There are also multiple theme options that will help you edit the website without any problems. If you are looking to make edits to the overall styling and you want to change the color scheme of the website, then you can simply to the WordPress customizer and make the changes. The theme offers a well-structured WordPress customizer to work with. You won’t face any hassle while editing and changing theme styling.

WooCommerce ready template

The theme is also integrated with WooCommerce and the shop pages are also designed in the theme. If you want to create an online store using this theme, then you can easily do so. With the help of WooCommerce integration, you don’t have to face any hassle while creating a shop page and adding products. You can easily sell products using this WordPress theme. The theme is lightning fast which makes it easier for you to use it for selling products online.


Overall, the theme is user-friendly and you won’t face any problems while using this theme for your business website. With excellent speed and support for all the popular plugins, you can easily use this theme for your business site or an online store.

Excellent Theme Support & Documentation

The theme author is also providing excellent support to the users. Moreover, the theme is very well documented and users can find all the information about the theme in the documentation. With excellent support and excellent rating, it has won the trust of the customers.


If you compare it to multiple free themes out there, then it is a gem for you. You can easily create stunning pages using different page builders and you won’t face any problems while starting an online store using this theme.

Astra has an official website that you can find more information about the theme. You can access the website via this link:

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